Our Approach

VolkBell wants to help you create a culture of health by encouraging and modeling healthy behaviors, promoting awareness, and creating camaraderie among employees.

Why We're Different

Plenty of vendors offer websites to host “health challenges,” track online stats, and monitor employee results from eating more vegetables to getting enough sleep, and we’ll help you make the most of them. But we know one size doesn’t fit all. Corporate cultures can vary dramatically, so we take time to learn about your workplace and engage with your leadership team rather than just hand you the keys and walk away.

What We Offer

Our goal isn’t simply to skim a few dollars off your health care costs--we want to help you truly take care of your employees by creating a culture of health.

Boosting engagement

We’ll consult with you to help you increase awareness and engagement in company-wide health management programs and guide the implementation of wellness program strategy and innovation, ensuring programming is consistent with your established wellness goals. We can also assist with program promotion, including development and/or distribution of promotional materials. We’ll partner with and provide direction to vendors and other partners along the way.

Leveraging Data

VolkBell will help you develop action plans and best-practice reports by business unit/location. Then we’ll sit down and review the data, and offer recommendations for new health and wellness initiatives.

Simplifying the Process

As the subject-matter expert on health and wellness and behavior-change topics, we’ll consult on your organization’s established wellness initiatives with internal and external partners and we’ll help coordinate logistics and implement company-wide campaigns, screenings, promotions, programs, and events. VolkBell can also develop and maintain files of community resources and health content so you can augment program delivery when necessary. And if you’d like us to collaborate with your onsite HR/benefit teams and other client departments, we’ll be there for you.

Partnering With Your Team

Our experts can create and execute project plans and budgets, including development of implementation plans, action plans, and tracking key project milestones.

Shaping New Offerings

As we get to learn more about your priorities, we can even develop and facilitate educational programs (i.e., courses, workshops, special events, and interactive booths).

"I didn’t start really focusing on my own personal wellness until I turned 40. Our Stayin’ Alive program has given me the tools and education to make reasonable lifestyle changes one small step at a time. It encourages me to constantly look for ways to improve my health, both physically and mentally—and that’s exactly what I’ve done."

Shelly Berry
Client Service Specialist, VolkBell

Our Solutions

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We design, implement, and service high-performance employee benefit programs. Find the most cost-effective way to offer health care, dental, disability, vision, and more.

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Business Insurance

Risk is a part of doing business, but it shouldn’t keep you up at night. We’ll help you with general liability policies, workers’ compensation, auto and property insurance, and more.

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So much of HR is about setting expectations. We have decades of expertise in recruiting, training, performance evaluations, and more to help you prepare for what’s next.

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The best organizations proactively engage employees in their own well-being. We’ll help you create targeted programs that motivate workers to pursue healthy activities on their own.