Human Resources

Our Approach

Simply put, we’re flexible. We can adopt a holistic strategic approach for your organization or hone in on a specific challenge. We’re even happy to work at your office, if the scope of work requires a bit more time. You can leverage our expertise as needed, and pay only for the services you want. Either way, we’ll do what’s right for your company.

Why We're Different

Our employees tend to be pretty open and straightforward, because we find things tend to work a little more smoothly that way. We’ll advise you on HR topics and legal regulations, discuss risks, make recommendations, and layout a plan, just as if we were a part of your full-time staff.

We’ve even trained clients’ employees to tackle the work we do, and put ourselves out of a job in the process—that’s how much we care about the end result.

What We Offer

We know most people don’t exactly consider HR “fun,” but we’re confident that our practical, realistic, down-to-earth team will leave you with a smile on your face at the end of the day.

HR Nuts and Bolts

We support our clients in all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from recruiting to retirement

Policies and Procedures

We’ll build an employee handbook that fits your management style and addresses regulations specific to your company, from FMLA assistance to leave-of-absence protocols.


We’ll identify and define compliance processes around I-9s and other issues concerning employee eligibility.

Harassment Investigations and Training

VolkBell can provide on-site training for your staff and management team through our “Respect at Work” program, which covers harassment, diversity, and broad communication concerns.

Culture and Strategy Discussions

We’ll delve into your company’s goals, document them, and help you weave them through HR processes and company culture.

HR HelpLine

Our free service will provide you with direct access to HR professionals to ask a quick question, talk through a complex situation, or locate more information on any HR topic.

"The folks at VolkBell are untiring advocates for business owners. Their deep knowledge of the myriad of benefit options and property/casualty insurance is unparalleled. I highly recommend VolkBell to any business in search of a solid, long-term partner for these types of services."

Pete Burhop
Principal, Anthem Branding

Our Solutions

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We design, implement, and service high-performance employee benefit programs. Find the most cost-effective way to offer health care, dental, disability, vision, and more.

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Business Insurance

Risk is a part of doing business, but it shouldn’t keep you up at night. We’ll help you with general liability policies, workers’ compensation, auto and property insurance, and more.

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So much of HR is about setting expectations. We have decades of expertise in recruiting, training, performance evaluations, and more to help you prepare for what’s next.

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The best organizations proactively engage employees in their own well-being. We’ll help you create targeted programs that motivate workers to pursue healthy activities on their own.