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Our goal is to make your life a little easier. We help you answer the hard questions and enable you to be a better resource to your company’s employees. We find ways to control costs in these times of financial uncertainty and help make it possible for you to go home a little earlier and sleep better every night knowing that we’re behind the scenes working on your behalf.

Our employees don’t just help your leadership team cross things off their to-do list. We consider ourselves true consumer advocates, minimizing risks wherever possible, and working to get the most for all of your employees—so they can do the most for you.

With two office locations in Northern Colorado, VolkBell is proud of our history rooted in this beautiful state, and we’re looking forward to continuing our story.

Company History

VolkBell is one of the largest insurance and human-resources consulting firms in Northern Colorado, offering product and services to help businesses navigate the ever-changing waters of employee benefits, wellness, HR, and business insurance.

For the past 30 years, we’ve always focused on building strong relationships with our customers to provide the ultimate service experience. Although the healthcare landscape continues to shift, as a cutting-edge agency, our goal has always been to stay ahead of the trends.

Executive Partners

John Bell@2X
John Bell


John Bell started his own business in 1985, and has been working in the insurance field for more than 35 years. He specializes in the design and management of self-funded benefit programs. His pastimes include hiking, snowshoeing, rock-climbing and reading. He, and his wife Kathy, love spending time with their grandchildren.

Clair Volk


Clair Volk has worked in insurance industry since 1983, launching Volk & Associates a few years later, and joining forces with John Bell in 2004. An active member the National Association of Health Underwriters, Clair loves traveling the world—visiting Europe, Thailand, and Israel with his wife, Kathy. When he’s closer to home, he finds time to golf and ride his Harley.

Clair Volk@2X
Steven Smith@2X
Steve Smith


Steve Smith started his insurance businesses in 1989, and joined forces with VolkBell in 2012. Steve is a Certified Insurance Counselor, and a member of the Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado. When he’s away from the office, he can be found hunting, fishing, flying, and spending time with his wife, children, and grandkids.

Achievements & Awards

2016 Best Companies to Work for in Colorado
2016 Mercury 100 Fastest Growing Companies
2015 Best Companies to Work for in Colorado
2015 Mercury 100 Fastest Growing Companies

Our Solutions

Benefits Icon@2X

We design, implement, and service high-performance employee benefit programs. Find the most cost-effective way to offer health care, dental, disability, vision, and more.

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Business Insurance

Risk is a part of doing business, but it shouldn’t keep you up at night. We’ll help you with general liability policies, workers’ compensation, auto and property insurance, and more.

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So much of HR is about setting expectations. We have decades of expertise in recruiting, training, performance evaluations, and more to help you prepare for what’s next.

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The best organizations proactively engage employees in their own well-being. We’ll help you create targeted programs that motivate workers to pursue healthy activities on their own.