Business Insurance

Our Approach

Most insurance brokers take a look at your current policies and merely identify the gaps in your coverage. VolkBell does more than that. We get to know your business, understand your concerns, and discuss your plans for the future—then we make sure there’s nothing that prevents you from getting there, whether it’s a small gap that can be easily corrected or an entirely new policy that will better meet your needs.

Why We're Different

At VolkBell, what we do is just as important as how we do it. We’re not just problem solvers, we’re problem finders—going out of our way to identify risks before they cause you any headaches.

We’re big enough to have direct relationships with regional insurers and large national insurers, and we’re small enough to offer individual attention to all of our customers—that means real human beings answer the phone whenever you call. And if you ever need to file a claim with an insurer, we’ll stand by you throughout the process.

What We Offer

Business insurance is typically comprised of several different policies “packaged” together. You may be familiar with most of them, but you’re probably not familiar with our unique abilities to design custom products to suit your business.

Workers Compensation Insurance

If you have just one employee, then workers’ comp is a must. Laws and regulations vary greatly state-by-state, and, as a result, more money is saved and squandered in the arena of workers’ compensation than just about anywhere else. Our knowledge, resources, and technical approach can put you on the right side of that equation with a tailored approach.

Professional Liability

Whether you’re an independent contractor, the head of an engineering firm, or the owner of a shop on Main Street, we can help you discover and guard against liability risks.

Directors & Officers Liability

Whether you head up a nonprofit, homeowners association, club, or trade association, your board members are exposed to personal liability risks—even if they’re volunteering their skills. We’ll help you protect them.

Employment Practices Liability

Protecting your employees isn’t enough these days. Unexpected events may put you in a position where you need to be protected from your employee: Alleged discrimination, harassment, failure to hire, wrongful dismissal, and more. We’ll help you reveal those risks and ensure your protection.

Builders Risk & Installation

If you want to get a construction job completed on time and on budget, you’ve got to protect your investment in the materials. We know what it takes to guard against an unforeseeable disaster during the course of construction, and we’ll draft a comprehensive solution just for you.

Excess Auto & Surplus Insurance Markets

Sometimes a business’s activities, risks, drivers, or opportunities don’t match their standard insurance packages. When this is the case—or if it ever becomes the case over time—our team will help you course correct, to properly insure your business.

Safety Support Services

Our clients have direct access to our vast online library of manuals related to safety and OSHA regulations—and they’re updated regularly. Our customer resource portal will maximize your coverage by helping you keep your employee and safety manuals up-to-date. And if your business has unique safety needs that require a tailored approach, we’ll connect you with experienced independent professionals who can help.

“Thanks for all the time you and others have spent getting our insurance together! VolkBell really knows what we do and takes good care of us. Thanks!”

Suzy Simpson
Owner, Drilling Services of Oklahoma

Our Solutions

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We design, implement, and service high-performance employee benefit programs. Find the most cost-effective way to offer health care, dental, disability, vision, and more.

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Business Insurance

Risk is a part of doing business, but it shouldn’t keep you up at night. We’ll help you with general liability policies, workers’ compensation, auto and property insurance, and more.

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So much of HR is about setting expectations. We have decades of expertise in recruiting, training, performance evaluations, and more to help you prepare for what’s next.

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The best organizations proactively engage employees in their own well-being. We’ll help you create targeted programs that motivate workers to pursue healthy activities on their own.